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love is just like a circle once u touch it will move if u don't take action u won't know what happen

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I knew it…

I knew it that u only talk to me because of a motive…having a gf…. pls!! I ‘m lucky i’m not the girl that take ur confession seriously if not.. or those things about ur past gf… r probably lies too… even so I think I know what she mean now.

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Noona naekkeoya! zelo confession

Imagine… u and daehyun have been in a relationship for 5 years… u know each other from the cafe u work at… bap members knew u too and u were like a sister to them..  u and daehyun are always very loving with each other.. u always think that he was the one that u want to live until the end with….

But lately daehyunie doesn’t pick up his phone or text u about his daily things like before.. but u didn’t really take note as u thought that it might be because of his busy schedule. And so today is u and daehyunie 5th anniversary.. so u bought cheesecake and went to ts entertainment to surprise him..

U thought of daehyun excited face when he is going to c the cheesecake you bought and u started giggling while imagining it..

U reached outside of bap practice room but as u were about to open.. u could hear a lady voice and daehyun voice… ur hand became stiff

Lady: Daehyunnie why don’t u pay attention to me ! Mm! noona is angry!

Daehyun: Noona don’t be angry… I give noona all the attention u want..
Big loud smooching sounds can be heard… u couldn’t believe what u had heard. U open the door to review  daehyun and the lady busy making out.

You: daehyun…
Daehyun was shock to c u… his shirt was untidy and lipstick markings can back seen at his neck.. Sunddenly daehyun make a smirk and said..

Daehyun: oh is u… well this is a perfect moment to make a clean breakup with u.

You: How could u say that after all these years of our relationship. Don’t u love me?

Daehyun: love you? hahahaha don’t make me laugh, how could I fall in love with a ugly and stupid girl like u. I only stay with u cause u can make me food without me paying or doing anything.

You:you! ( u clench ur fist )
daehyun: u bought cheesecake? Thats great just put it over there and u may leave.
You throw the cheesecake on daehyun head
You: Here’s ur cheesecake!

u started running in random direction which leads u to a park nearby with a water fountain.. u sit at near the water fountain… ur tears falls down from ur cheek none stop…  like the water fountain..

You: why?  Daehyun…all this years… are all ur words, ur feelings to me.. r all lies?

zelo at that moment is skating his skateboard nearby…
Zelo: wah! what a beautiful fountain! mm? Theres a girl that looks familiar sitting there?… __Noona? Why is she sitting there all by herself? Oh she’s wearing the long white dress… she’s looks beautiful… what am I thinking!?  I need to ask her whats wrong..

Zelo rode towards u and stop in front of u… u look up and so the bright maknae that is giving u a concern look.

Zelo: Noona, why r u here all by urself? did u came to visit hyung? 
You: oh him… (u try to control ur tears from falling but it won’t listen )
zelo: Noona… u r crying… ( he kneel down and meet ur eye level ) did hyung did something to u, if so I will help u teach him a lesson!
You: junhong … nothing happen
Zelo: you r a terrible liar noona..
You: you r right.. I can’t even lie properly …I do not have nice body shape or flawless face like that lady.. why would I even think he love me?
zelo: Hyung cheated on u!?!  Noona is not ugly, noona is pretty! (Make a cute angry face)
you: Thanks junhong… u don’t have to confort me..
Zelo: noona….

You stand up and walk somewhere else.. trying hard to stop ur tears by wiping it away.. while continuing walking… u didn’t notice that u have walk to the main road and a on coming car is going to crash into u..

Zelo: Noona!!
Beep beep!!!
Everything went very fast… u felt a pair of hands hugging u from the back… darkness engulfed ur vision and u heard a voice near ur ears saying noona don’t go away… I love… you.. ur mind then went blank..

U open ur eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling u look around and saw a sleeping zelo on a chair near to ur bed and yongguk standing near by…

Yongguk: oh! __shi u r awake!
You: were am I?
yongguk: you r in a hospital, just a few hours ago u almost got crash by a car but junhong is able to move u away without letting the car hit both of u…
You: I must thank junhong!
Yongguk: wait… before u wake him …I think we need to talk
Yongguk: I heard from junhong what daehyun did… I scolded and punish him…
Yongguk: well… this is not the main point.. just now junhong was really worried and terrified when u didn’t reply him when u fainted.
It’s like he is going to breakdown anytime.. what I want to say is that he cares and love you alot.. he started having feelings for u since u started knowing us.. he didn’t told u about his feelings because u were with daehyun..

You were shock to hear the news.. the maknae that always makes u laugh when u r down, support and care for u actually love you…

Zelo: mhm?! Noona u r awake I am so happy (he grab both of ur hands with his… u look like he is going to cry )
yongguk: I leave u two alone for now..
Yongguk goes out of the room
you: junhong, can I ask u something?
zelo: yes ?
you: do u have feelings for me?
Zelo: Did yongguk hyung say that? aish!that hyung I thought I told him not to tell u!?
You: junhong.. (u look down, u don’t know what to say to him )
zelo:  since u know about my feelings than I shall woo u now!

Zelo put his lips onto urs before u able to say feels so soft and warm.. u actually like the kiss ^°^

Zelo move back wards a bit and look deeply into ur eyes.. flashing his adorable smile to u

Zelo: Noona naekkeoya (noona is mine )

sometime ur prince charming is always there… but u have to look carefully for them…they may not be the ones that give u all the sweet talks and be romantic but they would always care and stay by ur side (;

November 4, 2013 5:41 am

How can he always be sexy and cute at the same time?! *o*

Hot daehyunie


How can he always be sexy and cute at the same time?! *o*

Hot daehyunie

April 16, 2013 4:04 am
KPOP SCENARIOS: B.A.P Scenario : When He Catches You Cheating On Him. [2]



The both of you stared at each other in awkward silence. You shifted in your seat uncomfortably, whereas Daehyun sat across you without any emotions on his clear, pale face. You coughed, breaking the silence.

You : Daehyun ah-

Daehyun stood up almost instantly, slowly putting his…

Oh no~~ I wouldn’t want my bias to be like this ):

July 30, 2012 10:17 am


Leeteuk y Kang Sora

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YongSeo: the Goguma couple ♥





Goguma couple i miss uuuuuuuuu );

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i want lunch like this (;

i want lunch like this (;

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i wanna eat now!!!!

i wanna eat now!!!!